Creating Piping
Isometric Drawings in Revit


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Creating Piping
Isometric Drawings in Revit


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Creating Piping
Isometric Drawings in Revit


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What is Ez-ISO?

Ez-ISO is Revit add-in software to output piping isometric drawing using Revit models.
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Differentiators & Adventage

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    • Simple installation and automatic update through NTD(No Touch Deployment)

    • Configuration minimize to draw piping Isometric drawing fast and correctly from Revit model.

    • Calculate PMS & 2D symbol automatically based on Revit model.

    • Material create automation function(Bolt, gasket, etc…) of non-modeling Component.

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    • Reduction of human error of drawing for cost to create piping isometric drawing.

    • The most powerful isometric engine. created by 「HUENSYSTEM」

    • 10x faster than current work scope with Ez-ISO.

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    • Isometric drawing can be created in various types of piping work such as industrial / environmental plant piping, plumbing, HVAC, Fire Fighting.

    • Created isometric drawing to connect with “Ez-Spool” to output weld map drawing

    • Various joints such as welding, bonding, compression, flanged can be express and process.

The Major Features of Ez-ISO

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    Line No. Set up

    Compose the Line No. or combine original property value

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    Bolt & Gasket

    Material create automation function(Bolt, gasket, Etc…) of non-modeling component.

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    Equipment Number

    Mark information of mechanical equipment or plumbing fixture, and fire fighting fixture on piping connection part

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    Pipe Support, Sleeve

    If pipe support and sleeve are modeled, they are mark in isometric drawing

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    Provide various mark option and dimension of fabrication, installation.




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    Generated Isometric Drawings

Major Customer

China BioCell Wastewater Treatment Technology 
Japan Integration Core  Shinryo Corporation 
Korea Samsung C&T  SK ecoplant  SK ecoengineering  MTM Digital Construction 
Malaysia Veolia Malaysia  Shinryo (Samsung C&T PNB118) 
Taiwan Uisco  Stantec  INER 
Thailand Prosper Engineering 
Vietnam VietCAD 
Austria Zauner Group Holding GmbH 
England CPV 
France Veolia  Engie Axima 
Germany Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH  Zauner Gmbh  PBR AG 
Ireland Dornan Engineering  Jones Engineering  Kirby Group  King & Moffatt 
Netherlands IBK B.V. 
Poland Veolia (Poland) 
Russia krskgazprom-ngp  TBS Software 
Slovakia Noving s.r.o 
Spain Intacta  TPF INGENIERIA 
Switzerland Add Value Engineering 
North America
USA Skanska  Tas Engineering  GSE Engineering  W.Soule 
Middle East
UAE Sixco  Clarke Samadhin  Jacobs  CSA