Creating Piping
Isometric Drawings in Revit


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Creating Piping
Isometric Drawings in Revit


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Creating Piping
Isometric Drawings in Revit


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What is Ez-ISO?

Ez-ISO is Revit add-in software to output piping isometric drawing using Revit models.
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Differentiators & Adventage

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    • Simple installation and automatic update through NTD(No Touch Deployment)

    • Configuration minimize to draw piping Isometric drawing fast and correctly from Revit model.

    • Calculate PMS & 2D symbol automatically based on Revit model.

    • Material create automation function(Bolt, gasket, etc…) of non-modeling Component.

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    • Reduction of human error of drawing for cost to create piping isometric drawing.

    • The most powerful isometric engine. created by 「HUENSYSTEM」

    • 10x faster than current work scope with Ez-ISO.

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    • Isometric drawing can be created in various types of piping work such as industrial / environmental plant piping, plumbing, HVAC, Fire Fighting.

    • Created isometric drawing to connect with “Ez-Spool” to output weld map drawing

    • Various joints such as welding, bonding, compression, flanged can be express and process.

The Major Features of Ez-ISO

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    Line No. Set up

    Compose the Line No. or combine original property value

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    Bolt & Gasket

    Material create automation function(Bolt, gasket, Etc…) of non-modeling component.

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    Equipment Number

    Mark information of mechanical equipment or plumbing fixture, and fire fighting fixture on piping connection part

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    Pipe Support, Sleeve

    If pipe support and sleeve are modeled, they are mark in isometric drawing

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    Provide various mark option and dimension of fabrication, installation.




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    Global Customers
  • 10M+

    Generated Isometric Drawings

Major Customer

China BioCell Wastewater Treatment Technology
Japan Integration Core Shinryo Corporation
Korea Samsung C&T SK ecoplant SK ecoengineering MTM Digital Construction
Malaysia Veolia Malaysia Shinryo (Samsung C&T PNB118)
Taiwan Uisco Stantec INER
Thailand Prosper Engineering
Vietnam VietCAD
Austria Zauner Group Holding GmbH Zauner Group Holding GmbH
England CPV
France Veolia Engie Axima Saife Solution
Germany Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH Zauner Gmbh PBR AG
Ireland Dornan Engineering Jones Engineering Kirby Group King & Moffatt
Netherlands IBK B.V.
Poland Veolia (Poland)
Russia krskgazprom-ngp TBS Software
Slovakia Noving s.r.o
Switzerland Add Value Engineering
Middle East
UAE Sixco Clarke Samadhin Jacobs CSA
North America
USA Skanska Tas Engineering GSE Engineering W.Soule